Monday, June 1, 2009


Anyone watch the season finale last night?? First how many times can Hedi say "princess" and she did wear to many jewels and I thought she looked tacky and would tell her as a friend. Second I will still watch but really not a big fan of Kristen's. She was saying how she would never do reality TV hay how was that working for you?? Plus the bartender Stacy being there? You think she just wanted to be on TV? Just my thoughts.. let me know what you thought


  1. Why was Stacy there?!

    I'm not really looking forward to seeing Kristen.

  2. Oh my gosh... the princess thing was driving me crazy. She had on way too much jewelry. Lauren knew it but was too nice to say anything.

    Funny how Kristen is following in Lauren's shadow. Ha Ha, Kristen.

    Stacy, I have no words. Spencer should have never allowed his friend to invite her.