Monday, June 29, 2009

True Blood

This is my fav. show!! I am so thrilled it is back for the summer because we all know there is NOTHING on and it gives me and Hubby something to look forward on Sunday nights. It is so good and always exciting . I can not wait for next week, some many questions. As you know I am intrigued with vampires. I think a lot of people are . Have you seen the show ? Any thoughts?

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Baby Boy

This is my wish list.... Serna and Lilly Sausalito Basket
Serna and Lilly Take home infants set

Ralph Lauren Booties

Monkeys from Land of Nod

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


How much do you love her? She always looks wonderful and her style tends to be classic. I hope post baby I can work to have a body like hers. I am not worrying about it to much even though my doc said I need to slow down with the eating today.. I know but I have been treating myself lately. How could you not love her???

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Summer time

I love the summer and since it is my first being pregnant I decided that I would wear a bikini. I have not bought any news hoping and praying my old one still fit but as I get bigger I may need to break down and send the money. I remember when I was little we were spending the week at my mom's BF cottage and a friend was pregnant and was wearing her bikini and I was amazed and loved it.
That is something that will ALWAYS stick with me and I don't know why. I think Tori looks amazing and read she got a lot of slack for posing for this photo but I say "ROCK ON "

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Monkey See Moneky DO

Nursery's ... One of my fav thing to do is to look at what other new mom's are doing. After thinking and thinking about this we decided after finding out that we are having a boy to do a monkey theme. The one thing is of course PBK is not longer carrying the crib bedding I want . Is that always the way? We chose the espresso crib and changing table. My husband made me a book shelve and I am only 21 weeks the nursery is coming together fast. We painted the walls a misty blue which came out nice and I think is calming.
We are having a hard time with names and as I mentioned before we are planning on keeping it a surprise until the baby is born . Many people who are our fam and friends do not hold back with there opinions. Somehting my husband really wants is to name our baby after him which I HATE JRS. but he said we could name the baby his name and I pick the middle and we call the baby the middle name. Do you think that is confusing ?

Monday, June 1, 2009


Anyone watch the season finale last night?? First how many times can Hedi say "princess" and she did wear to many jewels and I thought she looked tacky and would tell her as a friend. Second I will still watch but really not a big fan of Kristen's. She was saying how she would never do reality TV hay how was that working for you?? Plus the bartender Stacy being there? You think she just wanted to be on TV? Just my thoughts.. let me know what you thought