Thursday, February 26, 2009


10 more days till daylight savings !!! Yeah!! I am so looking forward to the spring. I live in New England where it tends to be cold up until about May or late June and then it is hot. I feel like when I was little we always had warm Easters. I see pics of me and my cousins with our little Easter bonnets and dresses running around looking for eggs at our annual egg hunt. Spring clothes can be funny in New England because you not sure when to get rid of your jackets ,boots and sweaters and make the transition. I get so excited about seeing the grass growing, trees blooming and the flowers.


  1. I'm ready for some warm weather...and not so much wind. Ugh, it has been dreadfully windy the last four days.

  2. I can't wait til Spring either, but I have a feeling that here in New Mexico it is just a trick...I feel that there is another freeze coming secretly. So all my trees and plants are starting to bud, but worried that it'll get cold again....

    OH well, not to worry, I am loving it anyways!