Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Did any one happen to watch this final last night? I have been following it because Gossip Girl has not been on for the past month :( . I really like Jason and I read a lot of other people did too because he was a single dad and he did get dumped . I am not a big fan of him now. I love how he dumped poor Melissa because he wanted Molly . Now if I was Molly I would not run right back into his arms because I would not be able to trust him. I do forget some times that people do sign up for this and know what they are getting themselves into but still it seem cruel. I do hope that next season they have a show for Melissa.
My husband gets super embarrassed when he watches it for a second and of course it was when Jason was crying last night. Did any one else watch this? Please I would love to know what you though..

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  1. I totally liked Jason until last night. What a jerk. I wrote about it. I feel awful for Melissa and think that whole thing is just wrong. I can't believe he broke up with her on TV. That is just wrong and cruel. Ugh...I'm pissed. I am so curious what tonights show is going to be.