Friday, August 21, 2009

Sip and See???

Sip and See:{By the way, a Sip and See is a get-together after a baby is born to "sip" on refreshments and "see" the baby. I had never It's a cute concept...} I am thinking about one when the baby is born because I am so organized and would rather have people come all at once than random stopbys. I am a Private person and really looking forward to bonding with the baby and have heard people over stay there welcome and never leave. This subject has been bothering me for months. I even considered a note on the door - visiting hours on Sundays from 1-3 . My Husband is too nice to tell anyone to leave. Don't get me wrong there are certain people I love to have around and feel so comfortable with but I heard that random people come out of the wood work and want to hold your baby for hours. Talking about this my MIL is a OBSESSED with baby's and every fam party I have been to she runs around and grabs everyone and holds them for hours. I know we will be struggling with this .. Any one been to a sip and see? Anyone have a MIL who is baby crazy? Any suggestions or advice??

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