Friday, February 5, 2010

Turning 30 next week

I am turning 30 next wed. It kind of a big deal since there was so much I wanted to accomplish and I am proud to say I welcome my 30's.. I married the man of my dreams, I own a wonderful house and had my baby .

I am all done with my life in the 20's it was fun and we had the best of times but things have changed and I welcome them .

Following Erin from Blue eye bride and Kelly from Kelly’s Korner post ...

I am happy for:

1) To celebrate my birthday this weekend with the ones who have my heart: my husband, sister , baby and mom ( my fav's)

2) To have a job even though I would give anything to be home with my baby I need to do this for the entire family since my husband is not working at this time

3) To have a best friend that I love more than anything and is always there for me

4) To have a cute toy poodle who greets me and is happy to see me EVERY day no matter what

5) To live in a nice warm house where we can all enjoy pizza and a movie tonight and be happy it is Friday

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