Tuesday, July 21, 2009


I do enjoy facebook but there are a couple types of people on there that drive me crazy. First the complainers . I can not stand everyday an update on how much something sucks . example - work, sickness , etc. It brings me down. Please keep it to your self. The second is the attentions whores. One person in particular is also expecting the same time I am and has to document every day with pictures. Don't get me wrong it I love looking at pics and seeing how other people are doing through blogs and facebook but she is way over the top. Also when some one post like 180 pics of one event. 20-40 we get the idea but after a while it some one over and over again. I guess there are always are going to be people in our lives that that things to the extreme. Facebook is a great way I can connect with fam., high school friends , people who moved away . It is a great tool but I had to vent.

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