Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Bad Girls

The Bad girls club is one of my fav shows I hate to admit but I do not miss an episode. Last night was the Reunion show that Prez Hilton hosted and I have to say he is pretty funny and made the show. Anyways .. after watching the season in horror I need to comment on my thoughts. There was 7 girls in the house : the fab five vs. the Amber's. I really liked the Amber's especially cookie . They were cute girls while the others seemed trashy, fat and mean . The one girl called her self " Boston" and I was embarrassed that she represented the city for me and come to find out she is from North of Boston. Wow!! Plus all the girls went to Mexico and the jumped Amber and then bragged about it. I guess I like it because there is so much drama. I try not to create or get involved in real life drama because I know the effects and it can draw you in quickly so that is why I save it and enjoy watching it on T.V. Hopefully Oxygen will come out with a season 4 !!!

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